Mandarin office center

   Mandarin office building
is a modern and functional trade and administrative building class A designed and created in adhearence to all international reguirements for qualitative constructions,equipment and efficient and mobile space disposition.The building has individual and non-standart outlook.
The lobbies and stair-case landings are designed with minimum area expense, reducing the common parts of the offices and the comercial area to 16% of the total built-up area of the building.
The vehicle access to the underground parking is provided by means of heated ramp covered by the first floor's jetty.The underground parking is connected to the other floors by means of a luxury panorama highspeed lift.The glass cage of the lift is moving through the middle of the three-arm staircase,which again emphasizes the practical disposition of the space in the office-building.
Lease: 216 and 318 sq.m. free., for further information please contact us.

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